We for Diversity

WirfürVielfalt.de - We for Diversity.

It is a diversity platform displaying extracurricular diversity projects of the civic society mainly  in Germany. The platform includes educational content of all diversity topics: 


Social Background, Flight & Migration, Anti-Racism,
Gender & Sexuality and Body Positivity,
Religious and Intercultural Diversity,
Age Diversity and  Living with Disabilities.


The content is made easily accessible to educators of all school types and other educational institutions, using a filter system. The projects tackle the following didactic steps:

  •     Learning diversity - formats to sensitize young people for diversity

  •     Encountering diversity - formats of encounter to meet diversity experts

  •     Living diversity - formats to take action and providing own contribution in fighting against discriminatory practices

WirfürVielfalt.de was initiated as a challenge within the Hackathon #wirfürschule 2020 and has been since then continously developed by inclution.org. An important part of the platform acitivities are regular networking sessions for initiatives of the civic society to connect across the diversity topics, to learn from each other and to share best practices in reaching young people in schools and beyond and to foster common values of respect and solidarity.





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Deutsche Stiftung für Engangement und Ehrenamt


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