About us

Inclution.org stands for inclusive solutions - solutions for building an inclusive society. The mission of the non-profit NGO is based on fostering equality in education, equal access to labour market and equal participation in cultural life, politics and sports for persons who are marginalized and vulnerable.

inclution.org developes, participates and manages inclusive projects on regional, national, and European level. The goal is to contribute to combat discriminatory practises, provide support for other non-profit organisations in inclusive capacity building and raise diversity awareness among the mainstream population.

Inclution.org was a partner in the Erasmus+ KA3 project "MYS - Me and Your Stories" (2018-2022) to foster human rights education and social inclusion in school communities through multimedia story(re)telling. inclution.org enhances the transfer of best practices in inclusive education and innovative methods on person-centred-thinking within the small scale partnership IncluNET (2022) with the Center of Inclusive Education (Inklucentrum) in Slovakia.

At the national level in Germany, inclution.org is leading the development of the educational diversity platform WirfürVielfalt.de, which displays awareness raising diversity projects of the civic society in Germany and connects them with schools.
At the regional level in Berlin, inclution.org runs the initiative stattWERKstatt, a network for young adults with learning disabilities, who claim for equal access to free labour market and reject societal exclusion and segregation through employment in sheltered workshops.