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V.IN.E - Vocational INCLUSIVE Education is an Erasmus+ Small Scale Partnership. It started on 1st of March 2023 and lasts until 30th of October 2024. Our inclution.org cooperates as a lead partner with the the German-Turkish Twin City Association in Germany and with the district administrations of the municipalities of Sisli (district of Instabul) and Tepebasi in Eskisehir  in Turkey.

We share our knowledge and best practices in supporting and promoting inclusive Vocational Education and Training (VET) for people with special educational needs (SEN).  inclution.org brings the experience from our involvement with the networking project stattWERKstatt. Our goal is also to transfer a part of the MYS-Toolbox, a web-based tool on social inclusion for educators, into a turkish language.



Visiting Rainbow Café in Tepebasi in Turkey

Study visit to Turkey in March 2024

The two district administrations in SIsli/Istanbul and Tepebasi in Eskisehir invited us from March 4-7, 2024 to get to know their projects for the professional integration of people with disabilities.


We were joined by representatives from the districts of Treptow-Köpenick and Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, the Senate Department for Education and the Association of German-Turkish Town Twinning.

As the central government in Turkey does not provide any vocational training opportunities or structures for people with disabilities, local authorities are developing projects on their own initiative. The Life Village and the Rainbow Café in Tepebasi, neighborhood projects and the Café Down in Sisli - we have summarized our impressions in a report. To the report.


V.IN.E in Berlin Sept 2023

V.IN.E Interim Report - January 2024

At the halfway point of our V.IN.E project, we have summarised the activities and interim results to date. The kick-off meeting (March 23) and the study trip to Berlin (Sept 23) are behind us. A study trip to Turkey (March 24) lies ahead of us. We are working on the transfer of the MYS toolbox. Click here for the interim report with some insights into how we are working and what feedback we have already received.


If you scroll further down this page, you can find out more about the individual V.IN.E project work packages and access our reports and photos from the project milestones


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Me and Your Stories - Toolbox in Turkish


MYS-Toolbox is a web-based application of instructions and tools to strengthen social inclusion through multimedia storytelling. It is a practical collection of group exercises and tools. As part of V.IN.E, we are creating a Turkish-language version of the practical part of the toolbox: MYS-Storytelling. The MYS toolbox was developed as part of the Erasmus+ KA3 project "Me and Your Stories - MYS", in which inclution gUG participated as a partner between 2019-2022. 


In this work package of V.IN.E we are cooperating with the RIX Research and Media Centre, the provider of the RIX wikis interface at the University of East London (our partner from the EU MYS project). Following the relaunch of the RIX wikis, carried out by RIX Centre, we have created a Turkish version with its own URL. The instructions for group exercises are gradually being translated into Turkish langauge. Follow the progress and visit the MYS-Toolbox here.


V.IN.E in Action

On the tracks of inclusive vocational education - Study Visit in Berlin, September 2023

From 27-29 September 2023 we accompanied a delegation from Turkey, 16 representatives of the district administrations from Sisli/Istanbul and Tepebasi/ Eskisehir. Within the framework of our Erasmus+ project V.IN.E (Vocational Inclusive Education) we prepared a three-day study trip. The V.IN.E project started in March 2023 with a kick-off in Istanbul. Over 20 months, we exchanged ideas about success factors of inclusive vocational education at the municipal level in both countries. On September 26, the delegations from Sisli/Instanbul and Tepebasi/Eskisehir arrived in Berlin, led by the two district mayors Muammer Keskin and Ahmet Atac.

V.IN.E at August Sander School
SIsli Delegation in Berlin
V.IN.E Delegetation in TUECHTIG, inclusive co-working space
V.IN.E at the House of Representatives of Berlin, invited by the Vice Presindent Dennis Buchner


Besides the visit to the Berlin House of Representatives and the Turkish-German Business Association, the visit to the inclusive vocational school August-Sander-Schule was one of the highlights of the study trip. We got to know the inclusion advisory service of the Berlin Chamber of Crafts, the civil society advisory organizations MINA e.V. and Interaktiv e.V., talked about the stattWERKstatt initiative, visited the inclusive Bistro der Lebenswelten in the Humboldt Forum and got to know the state working group of inclusion companies in Berlin. We visited the Disabled and Rehabilitation Sports Association Berlin and took a tour of the Olympic Stadium.


Read the report of the study trip hier.


View the Fotoalbum of the study visit hier.




Video Reports from the Study Visit in Berlin, September 2023

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Study Visit in Berlin/ 28.9.2023
WhatsApp Image 2024-01-02 at 14.40.56

Click in our video reports and get some nice impressions from the study visit of the turkish delegation in Berlin.

Kick-Off Meeting in Sisli/Istanbul  - March 2023

20.03.2023 and 21.3.2023 - Kick Off Meeting of the Erasmus+ small scale partnership V.IN.E. - Vocational Inclusive Education with the Municipalities of Sisli (Istanbul) and Tepebasi (Eskisehir) in Istanbul/Turkey .

Job Market in Sisli 1
Job Market in Sisli2


We are starting an Erasmus+ partnership with the Municipalities of Sisli in Instanbul and Tepebasi. Just one year ago we have worked on the EU application for this project. The first submission did not make it. So we have improved the project proposal and successfully submitted the application in Oct22 by the National Agency of the European Commision in Germany for Vocational Education NABIBB. 

Thanks to Özcan Mutlu, who enabled the connection with Sisli and Tepebasi and supports the cooperation with the German Turkish Twincities Association, which he is leading as a president of the board. The german-turkish journalist Murat Tosun joined our Kick off meeting of V.IN.E. too.

First day of the meeting we met at the City Hall of Sisly to meet our ptoject group and the colleages from the Municitpalities of Sisli and Tepebasi. On the next day of our visit we have met the mayor of Sisli, Mr Muammer Keskin, and the mayor of Tepebasi, Mr Ahmet Atac. Together we have visited a job market for people with disabilities in the City Hall of Sisli. We have shared stories of best practice how to include people with disabilities on the free labor market. We also shared personal stories and celebrated #worlddownsyndromeday together. We are very thankful to our turkish partners to give us such a warm welcome. In September we will meet with both turkish delegations in Berlin.


In our minds and in our hearts we are with the victims of the earthquake. The real number is hard to believe. The mobile phone providers lost the connection to about 300.000 phones. The loss is undescribable...

SIsli Flag
Team V.IN.E
V.IN.E Lunch
German Team V.IN.E, Stefan Schenck, Özcan Mutlu, Stana Schenck and Morat Tosun


V.IN.E Project Timeline

Two study visits are planned in Berlin and in Sisli/Tepebasi, framed by the Kick-off meeting in Sisli and the final meeting in Berlin. A Turkish version of the "Me and Your Stories" toolbox, developed in our previous Erasmus+ project "MYS", will be modified and translated into Turkish as a practical web-based tool for VET professionals to support inclusive career planning for learners with special needs.


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